„Your best day“. That’s what it said in my horoscope. On the day of the announcement, as well as on the release day of the first ever Parcels Live Album. In April the stars were in my favor, one could say. Just when I began to miss all the concerts I should’ve gone to this year, my favorite band released something. An album that makes me forget all the shit days with just one guitar line. That takes me on a voyage through synthesized spaces. That makes my legs move back and forth until the neighbors ring to join the party.

And that’s not even all. There wasn’t just an album or vinyl to listen to on repeat. I can’t remember how many times my mother had to sit down with me and watch the 1 hour video, shot whilst the recording of the album. We’d make it an evening ritual so I could go to bed happy, the music still playing in my head and with a chance of attending the next Parcels concert in my dreams at night.

In the meantime a Parcels fan group on Facebook established. People around the world joined and shared their favorite moments and memories regarding this Australian band. We collectively brought back memories of the grande album release and a Zoom call link that opened a session with over 300 faces listening to Parcels talk about their favorite live albums, math courses and cryptic crosswords.

I could go on and on about the happy moments I connect with this band and their releases – but I am sure you will read enough of that on this blog in the future. So instead – I thought I’d ask Hyoni, one of the biggest parcels fans I know, to share her memory of the Parcels Live Vol. 1 release with you:

Three years ago in winter, I happened to see a performance during my trip to Tokyo. Until then, I had never heard the name Parcels, but after that day, Parcels became my favorite band. Their performance, which allowed me to dance to songs I had never heard before, was certainly the most impressive performance of my life.

The best way to enjoy Parcels‘ music is to go to a show rather than stream it. They, unlike anyone else, know what a good performance is and what the audience is enthusiastic about. Sometimes I think that this band’s people were really born to perform. I mean, Parcels is the best performing team I’ve ever seen.

By the way, I live in Seoul, Korea, but I have travelled around the world for about two years to see the performances of Parcels. American tour, European tour, Australian tour, Japan and Korea. People used to ask me sometimes: „What the hell is so good about them?“ Whenever they did ask, my answer was always the same. „Because it’s just good! It’s fun!“ When you’re at their concert, all your worries disappear and you can be in a state of fun without thinking. I promise you, I’ve received so much consolation from them. Sometimes they are like psychiatrists to me.

Unfortunately, Parcels couldn’t escape Covid19. They had to show their best live performances to their fans in different ways. That’s why Parcels‘ first live album came out this year! I think it is quite meaningful. Of course, it is to me one of the biggest events of the year and one of the best albums of the year.

In fact, they can’t capture all of their live performances on music and videos. That is pretty obvious. But it’s important that it’s out in the world. Even those who haven’t been to a Parcels concert yet can experience it indirectly. The album can even be seen on YouTube. How kind they are! Since the video was filmed in a quiet studio, there is no dynamic look, but we can still feel their energy.

Covid19 is cruel to all bands and their fans in the world. But we can’t avoid Covid19 so perform in a new way, and enjoy the show. The way Parcels chose to do so is quite a comfort to us.

Turn off all the lights in the room now and play the video on YouTube. Close your eyes and move your body little by little to the rhythm of the flow. Imagine this is the European tour of Parcels, or the US tour. Bangkok, Tokyo or Seoul – anywhere is fine. Your room can be San Francisco’s Troubadour, Los Angeles‘ The Roundhouse, New York’s Irving Plaza or Berlin’s Kulturhaus Astra!

Thank you so much Hyoni for sharing your thoughts!

Photo: Jean Raclet